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Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, New York
Boombox (UKR) North American Tour 2022
San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Chicago, Toronto
MARUV 2022 North American Tour
Montreal, Toronto, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles
Ruki Vverh 2022 North American Tour
Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Chicago
Liga Smeha 2022 North American Tour
Toronto, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles
MOT 2022 USA Tour
Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago
MAX KORZH 2022-2023 North American Tour
New York, Toronto, Los Angeles
Artem Pivovarov North American Tour
New York, Toronto, Chicago
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